A bike tour around Iceland.


Claud Butler Legend – Front suspension, rear rack, 700×38 Kenda trekking tyres with k-shield puncture resistance, MKS touring pedals, 2x bottle cages.


Avenir 40L water resistant rear panniers.

Avenir 10L waterproof handlebar bag.

Cat Eye cycle computer.

2 man tent.

Sleeping bag.

Self inflating mat.

Bike pump (good quality, light-weight, compact).

2x 800ml water bottles.

First aid kit.

Mobile phone.


Chargers and plug socket adapter.

Camera / Video camera, spare memory cards, spare battery.

Gorillapod SLR tripod.

2x books.

Swiss army knife (with tin opener).


Crank Brothers multitool.

Adjustable spanner for pedals.

Duct tape.

2x spare inner tubes (1 spare is enough though).

1x folded spare tyre (not necessary).

Knog Frog front and rear lights.

1x bottle Cross Country extreme conditions lubricant.

Tyre levers.

Pre-glued puncture patches.

Compact 4 piece cooking pot set.

Small, light collapsible screw-on primus gas burner.


2x cigarette lighters.


Hat with fly net.

Beanie / Wool hat.

2x windproof-waterproof jackets, 1 for cycling, 1 for days off (covered zips).

3x t-shirts.

3x long sleeved thermal base layers.

1x pair waterproof Seal Skin gloves.

2x 3/4 lenth cycling trousers (bring some waterproof trousers too).

1x pair shorts

6x pairs socks.

6x pairs underwear.

1x pair of jeans.

Waterproof hiking shoes.


1x bottle suncream and UV resistant chap-stick.



1x bottle shower gel.

1x pack Ibuprofen.

lightweight quick drying camping towel.

3x packs glucose energy sweets.

Tea bags.

1x Salami.

1x bottle Tobasco Sauce.



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